Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Poll #1

  Hey Guys  (^_^.)  

So, in order to have a blog that I post weekly on. I have decided to post a different poll every Wednesday. Hence, the title Wednesday Poll. Seeing, as, it's really just the occasional book review I'll be doing, and apparently I'm too lazy to post anything different. o.O

Well all this will change..Indeed.

lolz, well anyways on to the poll which is your favourite (and no I did not spell it wrong..I write uk-english, no american-english ^_^) - yes what was I saying...I'm always off on a tangent. *looks up* Ah yes, the poll will be on your favourite genre of books ^_^

I also tried to make the poll as diverse as possible...and although I know favourite, is supposed  to be one thing in particular, hey let's face it, for books, there's more than defies all

Well until later my Lurkers.

Use the poll and may the force be with.

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