Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Werewolves Vs. Vampires

As the title says werewolves versus vampires, which one would you guys pick? Yes I know I should be comparing and contrasting, but they're both sooo good XD. It's a pity that they can't seem to get along (which is why I just love romances between the two, but why are they so hard to find?!).

Really though on one had we have the cool, sophisticated "I am better than thou" personality. Not to mention they're pretty powerful...look at Victor in Underworld. The guy just picked up this huge Lycan(Werewolf) and killed him like *snaps fingers* that. They do have that major bummer though...sunlight...*sigh*

So a Werewolf can defeat a Vamp...when they take advantage of their weak point, but, is that really fair? Stiiill Werewolves can turn into WOLVES! at will or depends which mytho you're going to go with, but either way that's pretty cool.

And personality wise they're generally more laid back playful, etc. They tend not to be solitary creatures (although some books...or majority have vamps belonging to a coven). and gosh darn it if they aren't growly. XD I have dogs...and I'm sorry I'm just picturing my german shepherd right now. lol...cute guy...

And then there's the fact that -if we're going with mainstream books here- vampires are undead and have to survive by drinking blood for the rest of eternity....sounds like a pretty bad deal to me. What's the point of living when you can't enjoy food? XD

Despite all of that however I think I'm gonna go with vampires?

What about you guys?

Feel free to answer in the comments section or use the poll on the sidebar ^_^

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