Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hello World!

*looks up at title* Well it's not original...but it's what all the beginning program stuff always have...printf ("Hello World").

Once again I shall foray into the unknown blogosphere *le gasp* yes, yes it is indeed true. I created one a while back...not on...blogger ...o.O (is that what's called XD)  but on wordpress..suffice to say a screwed up horribly on that, in that it had only to posts....the Hello World post...I promise this one is different, seriously.
and the tales of the Fruity Ninja. Of course that one post was written months upon months a part...I feel like showing it you Voila! (no I don't expect you to be astounded...just bear with me)

copy and pasted from my SpackleFritz blog :P (like word for word)

                  It's a dark and stormy night. The fruits are flying high. The sparkles light it up and Oh My! Confetti
                 flies! Look over yonder there. It's light is so blinding so debilitating. It creates sliced fruit and whats
                 it nots...

                 And I'm done...actually this post has been here for a while in my dashboard...(from last year).
                I was in a class that day and while the teacher stepped out, they started playing fruit ninja and had it    
                  projected on the board. In my class' defense, I think we had already done what was needed for
                  that  day ..but yea. Okay so...this is my first..real post i guess..

Yup so that was my random post from way back when...I don't know the exact protocol for writing a first  post so, I'll just say'll find a bunch of my musings here...random or ones that actually make sense and some reviews of books I've read ... hence the title :P . I can't guarantee much reviews because honestly, review writing isn't my forte...well not those epistle like reviews. I don't have anything against them...I just can never write something that long about a book. In any case they'll probably be few in between...but I will have them ^_^

Oh and speaking of Books, has anyone seen the cover for Julie Kagawa's spin-off Iron Fey series? It features Ethan all grown up...and *smirks* Me Gusta.

lol...for anyone who hasn't seen it, link to Julie Kagawa's Blogspot below ^_^

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