Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Update From Melina Marchetta's Blog (Lumatere Chronicles)

Okay so I logged into my goodreads account today, and I saw that Melina Marchetta (author of one of my favourite seresi the Lumatere Chronicles) posted an update, and I was like cool. Then I saw it was an update about Quintana of Charyn and I was like :O's not much really but, here's a link to the post

Blog Post

I feel so happy and squishy inside...not long 'til Quintana of Charyn comes out. *Squees*

o.O Ah who am I kidding this wait is going to be horrendous, not to mention that, that's when it comes out in Australia, the US edition is going to take a while longer. TT_TT Oh you publishers why must you be so mean. On the bright side though, FishPond allows worldwide shipping...I think..

Well for all you lurkers around here...and for all you fantasy lovers who haven't read the Lumatere Chronicles. I suggest you do, for it has in everything in everything a good fantasy book needs (or at least in my opinion) Fantasy (duh), adventure, action and romance, you have all those balanced perfectly, and Voila! a recipe for an amazing book, which the Lumatere Chronicles are.

Book 1: Finnikin of the Rock
Book 2: Froi of the Exiles <- Love the cover for that one
Book 3:Quintana of Charyn <- To be released Oct. 2012
Oh and for those who have heard of it, tell me what you think ;)

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